Some good news actually, concerning the virus that's been raising havoc with pregnant women, and threatens the safety of people at the upcoming Brazil Olympic games.

The Washington State Department of Health said Monday, a pregnant woman in Spokane County who tested positive for the mosquito and sexually transmitted virus sucessfully gave birth to her child, who tested NEGATIVE for the disease.

The Department says the woman was in an area recently affected by the virus outside of the U.S.  While she was fortunate to deliver a healthy baby, officials say they cannot stress enough for people, especially pregnant women, to avoid travel to areas where the virus has been widespread.

The virus, similar to West Nile, Dengue fever and similar mosquito-borne diseases, has been believed to causing considerable issues with pregnant women in Brazil, and is linked to a birth defect that causes babies to be born with heads that are too small, known as microcephaly.

Oregon recently saw a case of Zika that was spread through sexual contact, and it can be transmitted from a pregnant mother to her fetus. Currently, there's not yet a vaccine for Zika, and no specific treatment protocol.

Only 1 in five people infected will likely ever know they have it, and once you get it, you won't get it again.

The biggest health concern at least right now, is the microcephaly issue with mothers and babies.

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