Authorities and others are praising the fast actions of a Walla Walla Police Officer, who likely prevented a head on crash on Highway 12.

Monday, around 2:40 PM, Police got a call about a motorist who was traveling east on Highway 12 near town, but in the WEST bound lanes. An officer on patrol who got the call saw them, and quickly sprang into action. He raced to catch up with the vehicle, got alongside it, touched doors and while gradually slowing down, 'pinned' the errant vehicle against the center jersey barrier.

Had he not done so, authorities say it's possible there would have been a head on crash, not unlike the one that killed an elderly woman recently on I-182 west of Pasco.

According to reports, witnesses said the same vehicle had been seen driving through a pond on Estrella Street, which is not far from Whitman College.

The driver's name was not released, nor has the name of the officer. However, the motorist is likely facing DUI charges according to the Walla Walla Police Department.

The investigation continues.

 IF you're going to travel to any of these, make sure you're in the correct lanes...really!


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