Following what began as domestic argument incident Soap Lake Police (near Moses Lake Grant County) found themselves trying to persuade a despondent man from drowning himself.

Earlier this week, SL Police responded to a home and found after interviewing a family member, that one of the persons in the argument planned to act on suicidal thoughts.  Officers, along with Grant County Sheriff's Deputies, began to search for the man.

He was located near Lake Lenore, and upon contact with the officer, jumped from his vehicle and ran into the water. From there, it turned into a two hour talk with an officer. The policeman sat on the shoreline, listening to the man; conversations about his life and how the man felt the world would be better without him.

The officer was finally able to convince the despondent man to come with him, and obtain the services of a mental health professional. He was taken to a nearby hospital and given the attention he needed.  To read the full account from the SLPD, click on the button below.

In the photos, the man's face was obscured for privacy purposes.

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