The original movie, which came out in 1990 as an adaptation of a 1986 Stephen King novel, ruined clowns for at least two generations. Now, the remake due to hit theaters this month is expected to revive an unsettling craze.

Last September at least 16 states reported waves of Creepy Clown sightings, where people dressed up as clowns and walked about various cities and towns. Some did engage in strange, even menacing behavior, and some were arrested. Most did not, but it was still considered disturbing and annoying. Creepy Clown sightings were reported in Washington and our region.

Now, officials say the release of the new version of IT is expected to bring them out again. Starting September 8th, the new version will be released to theaters. CBS Philadelphia says state police are cautioning people and would-be clown dressers, to not try to scare anyone by dressing up as such.

IT is a novel about a demonic creature that takes the form of a clown named Pennywise, who rises from sewers and storm drains, pursues and kills children.   If you haven't seen the original or are curious, here's a link to the trailer.

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