The reason they put out this announcement or reminder, is because at some time over the years, people have tried this.

Walla Walla School District Communications Director Mark Higgins issued this statement Tuesday:

"As the Independence Day Holiday nears, community members are reminded that fireworks are not allowed on Walla Walla Public Schools' grounds. Fireworks cause safety concerns, potentially damage property, and are a nuisance to our neighboring property owners. Thank you for helping protect district property and ensuring students have a safe and clean place to learn."

And these rules pretty much apply to other districts as well. It includes any and all school property including parking lots.  Sometimes people who live across the street or near a school can set off their boom boom in the parking lot but that's part of the grounds.

In 2017 several people were actually caught lighting up in Kennewick in the Kamiakin parking lot across Metaline from the school.

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