According to the company that oversees power for the Super Dome in New Orleans, an abnormality occurred where stadium equipment intersected with an electrical feed from Entergy New Orleans -- the company that supplies energy to the facility.

Exactly what that abnormality was is still unknown.

Officials say whatever it was, it caused a circuit box to react as if it was drawing more power than it was supposed to. Stadium officials said meters did not show excessive power use, and while the air conditioning system was running, it was drawing less power than it would for a game in warmer weather.

It was an equipment issue and not anything that came from human error. Super Dome and Entergy officials said millions of dollars were spent on replacing power grids, wiring and systems after Hurricane Katrina. Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, said the power glitch did not ruin what was an exciting game and said it would not rule out future bids for New Orleans to get another Super Bowl.

The city is said to be preparing a bid to try to get the game again for 2018.