According to a report from the London Daily Mail, the public's response to Obamacare has been underwhelming.

Americans for Limited Government released a report based upon the Daily Mail data, showing after one week of enrollment just a handful took advantage of the program.

The Daily Mail was able to access data from two different sources at the Department of Health and Human Services who had direct access to numbers that were, as the paper put it, being crunched. The report indicated some 84 million Americans were eligible.

According to the HHS data, just 6,000 people successfully signed up the first day -- 51,000 the first week. At that rate, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) estimates the six-month open enrollment period would realize just 2 million enrollments. This comes from the 14 states and Washington D.C. that have open exchanges running. A number of states have not opened exchanges because they are fighting the program.

This beginning shows a potentially-dire outcome for the program that big money to implement. The GAO, which handles accounting and financial reporting for the federal government, says the success of Obamacare requires at LEAST seven million members to stay afloat financially!

The report also indicates some administration sources have not even seen enrollment numbers yet. According to the Daily Mail:

'I don’t have any hard numbers beyond what HHS and the state-based exchanges have released,' said spokesman Justin Nisly, who insisted that Americans have been 'enthusiastic' and 'grateful' for Obamacare."

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