Backers of a controversial tax on soda hope to have it on the ballot this fall for voters to decide in Multnomah County.

The bill would place a one cent per fluid ounce tax on soda and other 'sweet drinks', with the money being used to create jobs for unemployed people.   Portland physician Gregg Coodly, one of the supporters, claims it would create jobs that are otherwise unattainable by state and federal programs.  Backers of the bill say it would generate 4 million annually in revenue to be used for job creation.  Opponents of the bill, including many restaurants, don't want to have to add .12 to the price of a soda; make that .24 or more for larger fountain drinks.   Coodly and supporters of the bill did not directly address how this bill will encourage kids to exercise; but one does not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that by making soda more expensive, customers might be less likely to buy it.  Yet another example of unfairly attempting to control consumers behavior with economic threats.  Supporters have to gather the signatures of 17,000 registered voters in the county for it to make the ballot in November.

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