Most of us think, or picture in our heads,  people heading off to the gym in January, busting it for a few weeks or so, then falling off. Nothing could be further from the truth actually.

According to a variety of sources, including FourSquare (the new digital card swiping service everyone seems to be using), the typical new gym or exercise person stays with it all through January and beyond. Experts use their data along with other sources, to determine how much use gyms get in January and beyond.

A variety of data sources show gym and fitness searches online really peak just prior to Christmas, (especially December 21-22)  then another peak right afterwards. Then gym memberships (nationally) climb by as much as 15%.  Existing gym members also flock back, with an increase of nearly 10% more of existing members returning in January.

But when to people 'stop?' Oddly enough, April is the culprit. Spring weather! As the weather improves, activity gets busier, experts see an uptick in fast food consumption, followed by a definite drop in gym use.

According to statistics, there's what's called a "drop off" day, a national day when the gym attendance starts to slide. Based upon 2018 data, it's around February 9th. But a lot of people still workout, at least until the weather gets nicer.

Then later in May, we see another mini spike of people who want to get into "swimsuit" shape. Then another one in the fall and voila! the cycle repeats.

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