It's a good thing most gyms have access to AED's or Automated External Defibrillators. Those are those devices you see hanging on the wall or near the front counter of your favorite gym. They're also found at sporting events, and used to revive persons who suffer cardiac incidents. They're lifesavers.

There's a chance these might come in handy after Friday. Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon has expanded that state's mask mandate. At a press conference Wednesday, Brown now has ordered children as young as 5 must wear one in public, and you will have to wear a mask even while you're actively exercising in a gym...yes, even while getting after that heavy set of squats.

It may work for those walking or mild exercise, but anyone who really works out hard, either on the treadmill or bike, or lifting heavily or briskly, can attest to that they get lightheaded when air supply is restricted. Not everyone will always be affected, but I can only imagine a lifter going for a PR (personal record) on the squat especially, and the need to suck in a LOT of air is inhibited by the mask.

There are some athletes who purposely wear professionally designed masks, designed to spur lung capacity growth, or to simulate high altitude training. But the majority of these are collegiate or pro high level folks--used to pushing themselves HARD. Beyond even most good athletes or trainees. But they don't wear it all the time. Just for specific sessions.

Some can do it, some cannot. It will work for some, some not. But in general, in my experience, most serious trainers are rolling their eyes on this one. Even sports and exercise experts agree it's a dicey proposition (Under Armor).

NOT trying to sound like a gym snob, really, but this mandate clearly shows that Gov. Brown and cohorts in Oregon government have probably never done a 'real' strenuous, gut busting workout in their lives. Just sayin...! And I am a lifelong gym rat. I know.


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