My wife and I are the kind who get crabby if we miss more than two days in an row at the gym.

And with COVID-19,  our gym has been closed since, well, the dawn of man. Fortunately over the last two years we've accumulated about 400 lbs worth of old ratty Joe Weider weights, bars and a bench. But nothing for the legs. No sled, no Olympic bars. So, I  turned to an old routine:  tire flipping, a couple of weeks ago.

I first got into it years ago when Lifequest Fitness in Kennewick used to have those Strongman Competitions in Columbia Park during Boat Race week.  Tire flipping works the legs, core and arms.  If done correctly, the back plays very little role.  Anyone who's in decent shape can flip one, especially if you use a lighter tire.

Just so happens, there's a collection of 6 tires behind Kamiakin High School on the football practice field, used by the team. They range in weight from around 300-350 lbs up to what I believe is a 500-plus pounder.  I only use the 3-400. You do need to know your limitations.  The technique is best explained by watching these videos below, but if you're in decent shape, they're worth a try.

OF COURSE!  As with any exercise program, know where you are physically. These exercises are not for beginners, or those with issues or injuries. Be smart.

click on the buttons below to see some 'fun' workouts using tractor or 'ute' tires. Some require two people, but many can be done on your own. The guy in the instruction video is using a 600 lbs tire (show off!) but 3 of them at KaHS are in the 350 range and much more easily manageable.

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