It's no secret college football teams are employing new and often radical methods of conditioning, in an effort to become champions. But at the University of Oregon, these methods apparently resulted in three players landing in the hospital, and several others exhibiting potentially harmful physiological symptoms.

A formal apology was issued by the school, and their Conditioning Coach Irele Oderinde has been suspended for a month without pay. This follows a series of conditioning programs during the winter quarter that saw three players end up in the hospital, according to Oregon Live online.

The grueling workouts apparently resulted in the three players, two offensive linemen and a tight end, coming down with what's called Rhabdomyolosis. It means soft muscle tissue is broken down, due to exercise, and muscle contents leaks into the bloodstream. It can potentially long-term cause kidney issues.  The three players are said to be in good condition.

Several other players exhibited similar symptoms, although not as severe. Others reported having discolored urine, which is another symptom of the issue. New football Coach Willie Taggart issued apologies, and the school, football program and officials say the health and safety of the players is their paramount priority.

Some critics have said Oregon was 'soft' during the 2016 season which ended with them going 4-8. Some team members have said the issue has been overblown in social media, and point to what they say were other players 'cutting corners' in the weight room and not being discipline enough.

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