Jeff Simpson is a 49-year-old who, along with three others, claim Seattle Mayor Ed Murray abused him as a teen in the 1980's. Although Murray and his attorney strongly deny such accusations, shocking new documents have been found in the Oregon CPS (Child Protective Services) system showing officials believe he actually did.

Over the weekend, the Seattle Times published documents that were previously thought to have been destroyed. They show in 1984 a CPS investigator wrote he believed Murray had sexually abused Simpson, who was a teen at the time. Murray, who worked as a paralegal and a counselor to troubled children. Murray had also served as Simpson's foster parent in the early 1980's.

The CPS report stated Jeff Simpson "has been abused by Edward Murray." It also went on to say that in under "no circumstances should Mr. Murray be certified" as a foster parent.

According to the Times, Murray says he had no knowledge of the activity and decision by the Oregon CPS division. The report indicates the reason charges were not filed against Murray was not because officials didn't believe the teen, but they were afraid due to his unstable behavior he might run away, leaving them without their witness. That's why the charges were prepared but never brought, says the CPS report and the Times.

The documents were released by Oregon officials to the Seattle Times earlier this month, the story appeared over the weekend in the paper. They also offer, to this date, the strongest rebuttals to statements from Murray that at these accusations are false.

Murray is facing accusations from another man, Delvonn Heckard, who claims Murray sexually abused him as well. He has withdrawn his lawsuit, but only until Murray finishes his term as Mayor. Then Heckard and his attorney plan to refile.

A total of four men are making such teenage sex abuse claims against the Mayor. As a result of these allegations, Murray dropped his re-election campaign but is serving out the rest of his term.

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