Some of this guy's co-workers are not thrilled with his new career choice.

A 10-year agent who has spent his career busting up trafficking rings for meth and ecstasy has joined Privateer Holdings, a marijuana investment company.   With marijuana now legal in Washington state and Colorado,  a number of small firms have emerged with the idea of profiting on the 'growing' marijuana industry.

Patrick Moen, an attorney, said the opportunity was "to good to pass up."  He will assist the holdings company with his legal expertise on compliance issues on the state and federal level.

Moen said the Oregon medical marijuana industry needs a complete "overhaul," but didn't elaborate as to what exactly needed to be changed.  He only said changes are needed to prevent abuse of the system.   Oregon has not legalized pot, but the Seattle-based Privateer Holdings will work with the Colorado and Washington pot industries.

Wonder if any of Moen's perks will include brownies?

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