Apparently the word marijuan is racist--according to WA state Democrats----Getty Images
Apparently the word marijuan is racist--according to WA state Democrats----Getty Images

Most of us won't notice, and many don't care, but apparently, it's important to state legislators, Gov. Inslee, and other state leaders. More important than reversing damaging anti-police laws?

WA State officially bans government use of the word marijuana

The bill was signed into law by Gov. Inslee on March 11th,  it was passed by the legislature. And now, agencies have begun the task of removing any and all references to marijuana in state literature...everywhere; laws, rules, websites, pot stores, etc.

According to a report by KIRO-TV in Seattle, some Democratic House Reps say the old Federal Marijuana Tax Act of 1937  (which forbade the use and sale of pot) made numerous "racist" references to the ethnic backgrounds of those most believed to use the drug.

So, a bill was pushed through banning the use of the word. Some Democratic legislators claim this change will "fix" some of the (alleged) racist and ethnic stereotyping aimed at certain ethnic groups.

The term cannabis will now replace marijuana in every bit of state government writings. No word on how long this will take.

   Apparently, this task was more important than undoing dangerous law enforcement restrictions.

The Democrat-controlled legislature failed in 2022 to pass any meaningful bills to reverse the anti-law enforcement 'reform' package pushed through in 2021; laws that have seen all violent crime skyrocket in our state, and have pushed auto thefts up 88 percent since July of 2021.

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But apparently, they can quickly move on a bill such as this. Enjoy your woke safe word space, but ignore that you're car is being stolen or the convenience store on the corner just got hit (again) by an armed robber.

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