Oregon's controversial governor and Attorney General are not happy that an anti-gun bill died in the State Senate during the last legislative session. They're now meeting with anti-gun groups over new proposals, and have even discussed using executive orders to make gun ownership more difficult.

People who thought John Kitzhaber was progressive when he was in office, but new Governor Kate Brown is picking up right where he left off. Unlike Washington state, both legislative houses in Oregon are controlled by Democrats, but at least some are moderate.

The Oregonian and the website Progressives Today are reporting both Governor Brown and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum have met behind closed doors with several anti-gun groups, reportedly planning new legislation and perhaps executive orders.

One of their ideas is to copy a new California law concerning what are called 'gun violence restraining orders.' These laws would take guns away from people who are "considered" to be dangerous to themselves and others. The government or law enforcement would make that determination, and even if the person legally owns a weapon, it would be confiscated as would be their 2nd Amendment rights.

Progressives Today has also put out a video showing another Oregon anti-gunner, House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson lying about gun violence. She admitted to having secret closed-door meeting with State Patrol officials about potential anti-gun policies. (Video courtesy of Progressives Today).

AND Governor Brown admitted during the legislative session she was prepared to 'explore' using executive orders to pass gun restrictions and anti-gun laws.  (Video courtesy of Progressives today)


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