Oregon correctional authorities are searching for an inmate who apparently escaped from a work crew while working near the Finley Buttes Landfill Wednesday morning. (SEE BELOW FOR LATEST DETAILS)

49-year-old Steven Lee Fox walked away from the ten man crew, a head-count later showed he was missing around 11am.  Officials didn't say if he had any help from other inmates, or if he simply ran off.

The 6 2" 225-lb man was last seen wearing blue jeans with the word INMATE stenciled on them and a standard blue shirt with INMATE also stenciled in orange.  He was serving time since 2010 in the Two Rivers Correctional Facility on several burglary and robbery charges out of Multnomah and Umatilla Counties, and unlawful use of a vehicle. His earliest date of release was to have been August 12th 2016.

Anyone with information on Fox is asked to immediately contact the Oregon State Police at 1-800-452-7888.   Officials did not say if he was considered dangerous.

LATEST UPDATE - here is latest information from Oregon State Patrol and Correctional officials:

"Detectives from the Oregon State Police (OSP) are continuing their investigation and search for Inmate STEVEN LEE FOX, 49, who walked away from an inmate work crew at the Finley Buttes Landfill near Boardman on Febru ary 25th. The whereabouts of Inmate FOX are unknown at this time and detectives are working with the Department of Corrections in attempts to locate him.

Members of OSP and the Morrow County Sheriff's Office patrolled the area Inmate Fox was last observed throughout the night but were unsuccessful in locating him and plan to continue patrolling the area throughout the day.

OSP and local law enforcement wish to remind people traveling in Western Umatilla and Eastern Morrow Counties to be observant and report any suspicious persons and are reminded to be cautious of picking up any hitchhikers in the area."

UPDATE -2-  

 According to Oregon Correctional Officials, Fox, has been arrested, and is back in custody.  He was apprehended shortly after 11am Thursday, in Hermiston.



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