A man being sought in Grant County for bailing from jail has made it onto Washington's Most Wanted TV Crime show.

The show, which is modeled after America's Most Wanted, is a successful widely watched show that originates from FOX Q-13 TV in Seattle.

Carlos Camarena, 25, used July 4 to declare his own independence when he fled the Grant County Jail and has not been seen since.

According to Grant County officials, Camarena was working in the kitchen as a trustee as he served his 240 day (six month) term related to burglary and theft. He had certain rights as part of that job, according to Sheriff's Department officials.

He was scheduled for release in 2022, but no specific date was listed.

Inmates can often earn these rights, based upon effort and behavior. Camarena was taking out some trash on July 4, but never came back into the jail kitchen and apparently fled.

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He has not been seen since Grant County officials have not said if any credible leads have developed. It is not known if he has any ties to Mexico, sometimes prisoners will head south over the border and disappear for a long time. He's described as six feet tall, slender build, about 160 lb.s

Anyone who may have information about his whereabouts, not just in Grant County but elsewhere,  call 911 or non-emergency dispatch at (509) 762-1160.


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