A new measure was approved by the Senate and now head to the Governor. One of them could affect insurance rates in Oregon.  The other still pending Senate approval.

The Oregon Senate unanimously approved a new measure which supporters claim will make birth control much more accessible for women.

One measure would allow pharmacists to write birth control prescriptions for women once they complete a health-risk questionnaire.

The other mandates that private insurers operating in the state pay for up to 12 months of birth control at once, if an insured woman wants it.  This could, opponents say, result in increased insurance costs for all who use private insurance - regardless if they utilize the birth control or not.  This bill still has to go before the Senate for approval.

The Oregon Catholic Conference immediately plans to testify before the Senate opposing the idea.

According to Northwest Cable News:

"Is there an unexamined assumption that expanded access to birth control is a good thing?" spokesman Todd Cooper asked. "Will this encourage sexual activity on the part of young girls and boys? And what are the consequences of that?"

Supporters of the idea say it will reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and potential related health issues.


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