We've heard of businesses suing people or each other for libel and and defamation of character for negative opinions. But a church?

The pastor of the Beaverton, Oregon, Grace Bible Church is suing Julie Ann Smith after she published negative reviews of the church online. Smith claims a few years ago after leaving the congregation, they were shunned by community members. She began writing reviews for Google and DEX and a blog and thought, why not include the church? Pastor Charles O'Neil objected to her language.

From Fox News:

O'Neal claims in his lawsuit that Smith's use of words like "creepy," "cult," "control tactics," and "spiritual abuse," are defamation. O'Neal is suing Smith as well as her daughter and three other commentators, according to the website.

Smith however, says her rights on the reviews and blog are protected under free speech. She says it may not be what some people want to hear, but we have the right to our opinion. She also says he's not "my pastor anymore, he (O'Neal) does not have the right to keep people from talking." Do you think churches should be exempt from normal everyday criticism we see and read on the web or hear on radio or TV? Take our poll: