Easily the MOST bizarre discovery by Walla Walla police in years.

This week, after being alerted by church officials, police searched underneath a church, and in the crawl space found a completely set up living area.

Officials at the Iglesia Adventist Church located on Southeast Larch Avenue called police after some workers repeatedly heard muffled noises coming from beneath the facility. Officers arrived and were shocked to find a complete living quarters set up in the space, which is just tall enough for an average sized person to stand up in.

They found a toaster oven, sleeping supplies, stacks of canned food, computer parts, mail and some piles of garbage. They also found a space heater that had been reported missing from the church, it had been spliced into the facilities electrical system by way of a makeshift electrical outlet.

Apparently no one had any reason to go into the crawl space for some time, said church officials.

Rather than disturb the scene, officers set up a surveillance camera with hopes of identifying who was living there. However, whoever was living there found it, destroyed it, then left and have not been back. Police are still searching for the occupants. None of the camera footage was salvageable.

The crawl space has since been secured and lock so only church officials can access it.


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