The Pierce County Republican Party Tuesday afternoon released this short be terse image:

Pierce County Republican Party release on Facebook (Pierce County Republican Party)


They were referring to the passage, by Democrats, in the State House Public Safety Committee of HB 1499 (House Bill), which would decriminalize certain amounts of heroind, meth, coke, and other narcotics. Ballot Measure 110 was passed in Oregon last November, it went into effect February 1st. Instead of criminal charges, now persons arrested with certain amounts of these drugs will either pay a $100 fine, or be recommended into a drug-health treatment program.

Oregon's plan is using pot sale money to pay for it. Eastern Oregon rejected it, while the population advantage of the West side (Portland) enabled it to pass.

In Washington statea, voters are not even being given this option. The bill would also allow persons with certain prior controlled substance convictions to vacate their record, without having to meet current qualifying criteria; among other surprising points.

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