If you believe the "experts,"  you wouldn't want to live out your golden years in our state, or just over the border.

A new study by the website Bankrate.com  claims Oregon is the worst place in the U.S. to retire. Don't get your hopes up Evergreen-staters, we came in only two spots above!

All 50 states and Washington D.C. were included in the study, Oregon came in 51st, Washington 49th, just ahead of Alaska.

However, the criteria they used were missing important scenic and recreational opportunities. The areas used to measure the states included:

  • cost of living
  • crime rates
  • cost and availability of senior-oriented medical care
  • taxes
  • average annual temperatures.

According to the study, Oregon is 15th in cost-of-living, and has an annual average temperature of 48.77 degrees (they must never have been to Hermiston in the summer!).

The study did NOT take into account the number of lakes, beaches,  OR golf courses.  It also did not include mountains or parks. Bankrate.com claims the best states to retire in are Tennessee, followed by Louisiana and South Dakota.