Of all the luck! And irony!

Oregon Lottery officials reported Wednesday that a $30 thousand dollar Mega Millions Jackpot has been won and claimed by a former retired lottery worker.

It's one of a number of smaller jackpots besides the big multi-million payoff.

Mike Davis worked in Oregon as a Lottery trainer for 21 years, his job was to travel to various businesses who sold lottery tickets and instruct them in the proper operation of the programs.

In fact, it's believed he trained a majority of the 3,800 Oregon Lottery retailers currently active in the state at one time or another.

Well, now his former employer has "paid it forward" BIG TIME, as he grabbed a winning ticket that will give him a cool $30 grand.

Davis' prize is the biggest score by a former lottery worker in state history. He lives in Marion County, and plans to use the money for regular trips taken by he and his wife. His advice to increase chances of winning? Make sure you sign the back of your tickets, so in case you win, there's no confusion over who gets the money, and make sure you're playing for fun and recreation.  Don't get overly upset if you don't win, and just enjoy it.

He certainly will be!

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