According to legislative observers, it was the largest group of citizens who ever gathered to comment on a single piece of legislation.

Wednesday, some 1,600 business and restaurtant owners and citizens logged in, called, or 'zoomed' in to voice their opinion a GOP bill, Senate Bill 5114.

This bill would move all 8 regions in Inslee's new Healthy Washington plan to Phase 2, with greatly expanded businesses levels.

According to the list of comments, of the 1,600, 1,500 were in support. About 100 people opposed it, claiming it would cause spread of COVID. It is possible once the bill clears committee--if it does--it could be voted on very soon.

Most GOP legislation faces an uphill battle due to Democrats controlling the House by a double digit margin, and a slim margin in the Senate, but the showing of support for this measure could make the difference.


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