The story is spreading nationally, and dozens, if not hundreds, of parents are upset.

The Little Steps Preschool in Bluffton, South Carolina, participated in the national "A Day Without Immigrants" protest against efforts to secure and improve the nation's immigration and VISA processes. While it's being battled in courts, the Trump Administration wanted a temporary freeze on immigration and VISA processing to fix what they called an insecure and broken immigration security system. Opponents organized the Day Without Immigrants protest against the idea.

The Little Steps Daycare, says the Atlanta Journal Constitution, did leave a message on their Facebook page Wednesday evening, but according to numerous parents, they did not apparently call or personally contact clients. The daycare, says the Constitution, is bi-lingual facility.

Most of the parents, according to sources, found out the facility was participating in the protest when they showed up to drop off their children Thursday.  One woman named Lauren Malphus, told media people "whey didn't they call the parents? I have to go to work!"

Her comments echoed similar frustration. According to the Journal Constitution, the center's Facebook site is considered 'private' meaning it's content can't be seen by everyone.  Apparently not all parents or clients have joined the page, leaving some in the dark.

Some parents are even threatening legal action, and one furious mother posted on their Facebook page that when she arrives on Friday, she expects a one-day reimbursement check to cover for the unexpected and frustrating closing. She said she and other parents were left scrambling for daycare because of the incident.


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