The Big Talk is an informative event happening Feb. 15 at Bethel Church in Richland, presented by the Tri-Cities Pregnancy Network.

The TCPN is a non-profit, faith-based support network for pregnant women and their spouses or partners, where they can receive information, counseling and assistance in making healthy choices when it comes to having a child.

Some of the features presented by TCPN include:

  • pregnancy tests with ultrasound confirmation
  • comprehensive learning and earning programs that prepare clients for healthy pregnancy
  • parenting and spiritual growth
  • practical support with numerous items through their boutique.

The Big Talk is an opportunity for parents and teenagers to have an open and frank discussion about sexual activity, STDs, the consequences of such activity, and pregnancy.

Avonte Jackson and Trisha Vest of the TCPN say it's designed to allow parents and teens to ask those hard questions and get honest informative answers about teenage sex and pregnancy. It will include tips and information on how to start one the biggest, but often most difficult discussions parents have with their children.

Featured speakers will include Walt Mueller and Jason Soucinek, who are noted authorities in the field of teen sexuality and behavior.

TCPN urges parents and teens to attend, calling it a chance for an honest and open discussion, without fear or feeling ashamed. For more information about The Big Talk, click on the button below. This free event will be Friday 6:30-9 p.m. at 600 Shockely Road, Richland.

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