Again, we've heard the age-old arguments that every vote counts? Yes, it does.

According to Franklin County election officials, the margin in the Pasco School Bond has shrunk to -2 votes, or two votes below the necessary 60% for approval. That's correct, TWO VOTES.

Officials say more valid ballots could arrive in the mail before the election is certified November 28th. According to the Tri-City Herald, there are still 113 disputed votes that have to be verified as legitimate. These type of ballots have some sort of issue initially proving they are valid. However, if some of them are able to be used after verifying, they could affect the outcome as well.

The bond would pay for two new elementary schools, a new middle school, refurbish and remodel Stevens Middle School and a long list of other projects and upgrades.

 Still think your vote doesn't count? Think again.

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