Pasco police are probably having a little fun with this one. Sgt. Brian Vaught, who oversees the Day B-Squad, has to deal with a lot of administrative duties.

But he got handed one Tuesday. According to police, a 19-year-old man came to the Pasco Police station to pick up some evidence, personal belongings, that were no longer needed during an investigation. They belonged to a relative of his.

However, during the checkout process, which involves ID and questions, officials found out the man was wanted on an outstanding warrant from Benton County! Sgt. Vaught was called to the scene. During the arrest, Vaught found a baggie of white powder that tested positive for meth, a glass smoking pipe and other drug items in his pockets! The man tried to tell police the shorts belonged to somebody else. So, by barely leaving his desk, Sgt. Vaught got a 2-for-1 bust.

The evidence found on the unnamed man was also enough for Pasco police and others to look into another case, as he might have been involved.

Pasco police made a joke about a squirrel getting an acorn that fell from a tree, but seriously thanked Sgt. Vaught for the work, and for the efforts he puts in overseeing the Day B-Squad.


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