The WA State Department of Commerce announced Thursday four projects have been awarded, totaling over $10 million.

 Franklin County to get funds to help with Darigold expansion

According to the DOC, it's the largest expansion in Darigold history:

 "Upgrades to the City of Pasco’s 25-year old Process Water Reuse Facility will incorporate conservation strategies and new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including the capability to mitigate more than 300,000 metric tons of CO2 annually."

The specifics of the project were laid out by DOC:

"$5 million loan to the City of Pasco for construction and replacement of the city’s Process Water Reuse Facility, which will include a screening and grit removal headworks, two anaerobic digesters, a renewable natural gas system, and a biological nitrogen removal system."

In addition, another project in Whitman County will receive funding to a bio-diesel project that has outside participation and private sector involvement:

" $5 million loan to the Port of Whitman County for the “Biotechnology Ag Campus” project to acquire an approximately 100-acre property and begin site preparation for the construction of a biodiesel facility. 


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