A cold case review is out from Pasco Police.

 Still seeking to ID man found floating in the Columbia River

September 4th, 2023, Pasco Police were alerted about a possible body in the water by Schlagel Park.  When they arrived the found the body of a man floating in the water not far from shore. Schlagel Park is just off Ainsworth in Pasco, a short distance east of the Cable Bridge.


Schlagel Park (google maps)
Schlagel Park (google maps)

He appeared to have been in the water for several days. The examination of the body and investigation showed no apparent signs of injuries or trauma.

The man was about 5' 7", 150lbs, reddish-gray beard and short brown hair. He was probably in his late 30's or early 40's and had no tattoos or other identifying marks.

A search across the state, working with other law enforcement and search agencies has not turned up any leads. This illustration was made after he was taken from the water, Pasco PD says it is an attempt to represent what investigators believe he looked like.

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Anyone who may have, or believes they have information about this unidentified man, you're urged to contact Pasco PD at (509)-544-4157, attn. Detective Abastillas.

Any information can be provided anonymously.

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