Such a happy, joyous looking man who allegedly had just smacked the backside of an unsuspecting woman in the Pasco Albertsons.

Pasco PD 1-2-20
Pasco PD 1-2-20

According to the Pasco PD facebook page, the woman who was accosted did not report the swat right away, as she "stewed" about it for a while, then realized she was going to do something about it. Good for her. Pasco PD post says:

BUTT SLAPPING, NOT OKAY. Officer Josh Madsen is investigating a case of unwanted butt-slapping that took place at Albertsons self-checkout at about 8 PM on New Year’s Eve. The female victim alleges that she had her bottom swatted by the depicted male, who said, “I just had to,” and walked on. After stewing about it, she called police on New Year’s Day, and Officer Josh Madsen located it on store video.

If you are this male, feel free to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Madsen at about case 20-00069 Assault. You should know that any unwanted touching, even a no-injury swat, can be considered a violation of the Pasco code titled “Simple Assault”, a misdemeanor. If you know this male, described as 5-05, 30’s, scruff beard, you can likewise feel free to call or email.

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