It's a long holiday weekend and the first big weekend of the yard sale season.  I've hosted a few yard sales over the years and I've come up with a list of my top 5 pet peeves for yard sales. 

1)      Potential buyers want to barter with you over an item that cost a dime.  This is a yard sale, that’s why it’s a dime, right?

2)     The sign says “Yard Sale” which means the items for sale are in the yard.  Not in the house, in the shed or the garage.   Yet people still wander into the garage and look at my tools.  I’ve even had people try and go into the house.

3)      People who say, “is that all you have”?  Or “all the good stuff must have been sold already”.   Again, this is a yard sale, I’m selling junk.

4)      If you have a yard sale, take the time to make a good sign.  I can’t read small print when I’m driving by at 40 mph. 

5)      Last but not least, TAKE THE SIGN DOWN WHEN THE SALE IS OVER.   This prevents people from searching the entire neighborhood for a sale that has been over for two weeks.

Happy Yard Sale to you! 


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