Pendleton became the first city in Umatilla County to pass measures overturning a ban on pot related business since Oregon legalized recreational pot.

Oregon passed Measure 91, their equivalent of our I-522.  Pendleton, if the votes continue to hold up, will allow the growth, processing and sale of recreational pot in the city, with a 3% tax added on for city coffers.

Meanwhile, Hermiston and Milton-Freewater clearly upheld their bans on pot business, shooting down similar measures.

According to the East Oregonian, Pendleton will now tackle the business of zoning and other laws necessary to allow the stores to open.  Officials will want to make sure they are far enough away from schools, parks and other areas considered not optimum for recreational marijuana. The Pendleton votes on several pot related measures passed by a wide margin.

The measure also applies to medical marijuana as well.