Unfortunately, authorities believe these suspects have likely left the Tri-Cities area, but have released these photos. They are courtesy of Pasco Police.

The recent wave of card skimming from self-serve gas pumps left dozens of citizens accounts compromised, it's estimated these thieves may have gotten away with as much as $30-35K.

Card skimmers, which seem to become more sophisticated every month, are a 'tracking' device that can be inserted into the card slot at gas pumps and even ATM's. It captures the account and PIN number of people doing transactions. The thieves then can use those numbers to produce or 'stamp' fake debit or credit cards, which are then used to withdraw money from accounts or make fraudulent purchases.

Most of the time, because it's a lot easier, they're used to steal from ATM's. These photos are taken from a variety of surveillance and security cameras. If you do happen to see any of these suspects, call (509)-628-0333 immediately.

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