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We recently asked your opinion on two trending subjects.   First,   what would you consider to be the "unhappiest occupation or career?"    Your choices fell as follows from our poll:

  • 40% said retail or phone sales, any kind of related activity-internet sales as well
  • 31% said janitorial or sanitation worker
  • 18% said fast food - we thought this one would be higher
  • 4.5% said office front desk worker or secretary
  • 4.5% said law enforcement or police officer.

Nobody voted for bank teller or financial worker.

From the woman suing the Dallas Cowboys because she burned her buns on a black marble bench outside the new Texas Stadium in 2010,  your responses were pretty predictable:

  • 73% said she was a moron
  • 17% said she should have moved-not Cowboys fault
  • 7% said she had legitimate gripe.  hmmm!  you folks stood up for her.

As always, we love to hear from you, and YOUR opinion counts with our surveys.  Keep looking for them here with


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