Lifequest Fitness Center, like Planet Fitness, or Club 24, or any other of the gyms in our area, still cannot allow us gym 'rats' to come in and crank iron. Good thing our family bought (from online sale sites) about 450 lbs of weights over the last year or two--they were such a cheap price!

But due to the confusing and some say absurd mandates from Gov. Inslee, the Department of Health and other agencies, apparently indoor swimming lessons are OK.

If you're looking to do some swimming, Lifequest in Pasco has their pool open, but under guidelines. They are offering swimming lessons, and according to KEPR-TV, the pool is roped off in sections. There are three lanes for lap swimming, and the two roped off areas can be reserved for two families.

Temp checks are taken at the front desk, masks must be worn outside of the water and other safety procedures. According to reports, Lifequest was able to open rapidly under the Phase 1.5 we are still in because they have trained instructors, lifeguards and staff and were ready to do.

MORE power to them! But this points out the bizarre, contradictory messaging from the state. A quick online search and the eye test of course, shows that the Kennewick, Richland and Pasco public pools are closed, water features (play fountains etc) are turned off in public parks, and people have had to flock to the river to cool off.  Hence, it's no surprise that we've seen 2-3 times the number of drownings in area rivers already this summer than we normally would.

Lifequest told KEPR TV there has been a lot of "mixed messaging" about the various COVID mandates when it comes to recreational facilities such as pools, gyms, fitness centers and other sporting venues.

According to the State Department of Health, large public water facilities, from city pools to the outdoor water parks at various fitness centers, cannot open until a county reaches Phase 3. Doesn't appear that will be happening in Benton Franklin Counties anytime soon.



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