Not only are some area pools affected by a chlorine shortage, but it's happening for private owners as well. And across the country.

The Prosser pool will not be opening this weekend, nor will the Kennewick "mushroom" pool next to the main pool by Kennewick High.

According to news reports, including some information from the TC Herald, if a pool depends upon chlorine to stay clean and sanitary, it could be facing shortages.

While some area pools have modified or retro-fitted their systems to manufacture the chemical from other processes, or the pools are able to use non-chlorine dependent systems they should be OK.

However, you may remember late last summer that massive fire and explosion at a chlorine plant in Louisiana (Lake Charles) that hurt supplies.

Now this year, coming out of the pandemic, the same supply and chain shortages affecting everything from lumber to even some food items is hurting the pool industry.

Some dealers in our area have been told not to order any supplies because their vendors are only fulfilling what's considered 'essential' demands.

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We've had a Splash Superpool (9'x17') for just over 8 years, in our backyard. Dug a hole, stuck it in the ground, built the deck around it. We've never had any issues getting chlorine for it until this year.

You can still find it, but it's more expensive. And, most stores are only selling by the 3-gallon bottle case. They used to be willing to 'break up' a case if you only needed one.

Now, such a case will run you over $36-39 even $40.  Hopefully, supplies will be able to catch up with demand, not just with these pool needs but everything else as well

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