One down, 25 remain.

A pot shop known as The Canyon has agreed to settle with Yakima County, in exchange for ceasing operations by May 31st. The move comes after legal sparring over the county's ban on pot business in unincorporated areas. The shop is near Gleed, which is an unincorporated area of about 5 square miles and  2,900 people a few miles NW of Yakima.

Iin 2015, the county enacted this ban on pot business, citing the 60% of voters who cast ballots against I-502. AG Bob Ferguson said the legal language of I-502 did not prevent counties and cities from enacting their own jurisdictional bans. The ban was upheld last November in what was called an 'advisory vote' with 60% again voting against pot business. Supporters had hoped to overturn Yakima County's (and city) bans on pot.

Since last fall Yakima County has been moving and taking action against 26 growing, processing and selling operations in these unincorporated areas. That number dropped to 25 when The Canyon agreed to cease operations.

According to sources, the remaining 25 pot businesses have aligned to form the Cannabis Producer Processor Trade Association (CPPTA) to fight the ban. They believe combining forces allows them to better handle the fight financially and legally. Most of the members are growers and processors, with a handful of retail shop owners.

The settlement with The Canyon comes in place of county legal action that would have allowed authorities to enter the property and shut it down. It also settles the matter, with no more legal actions by either party.

The CPPTA says they won't be 'bullied' by the actions of the county.

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