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According to information from a proposed Democratic Senate bill in Olympia, the bill would essentially turn the state into a drug dealer.

 Senate Bill would create 'health engagement hubs'

SB 5533 would make narcotics possession a gross misdemeanor and could land the suspect in jail for up to 364 days and a fine up to $5,000. But according to Jason Rantz of AM 770 KTTH in Seattle, it would also create what are basically drug use stations.

Rantz says tucked inside the bill is wording describing what would be called health engagement hubs. These are potentially portable stations where drug users could continue to use their narcotics. According to Rantz:

"The Hubs may be mobile or standalone structures and must provide opioid treatment options for addicts. But they must also provide “harm reduction services and supplies.” Harm reduction is a radical strategy that gives addicts tools to continue using their drug of choice."

These hubs would have a complete supply of smoking and injection tools, and the bill says they would have to be open to youth as well as adults.

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The bill also creates what's called a "safe supply work group."  According to Rantz, from the language of the bill:

"The group is meant to “evaluate potential models for safe supply services and make recommendations on the inclusion of a safe supply framework in the Washington state substance use recovery services plan to provide a regulated, tested supply of controlled substances to individuals at risk of drug overdose.” In other words, move over drug cartels! The government could become the state’s largest illicit drug dealer."

This bill is being offered by Democrats as a response to overwhelming data showing narcotic and drug use have exploded in our state since the Blake Decision, as well as overdose deaths.


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