Grant County Sheriff's Patrol unit (Grant County WA)
Grant County Sheriff's Patrol unit (Grant County WA)

Late Monday night, Grant County Deputies nailed a suspect who stole a large propane tank from a potato storage facility.

The driver of getaway truck and trailer didn't have taillights

Due to increased theft activity in this area of the county Grant County Deputies were on patrol in some of the rural areas around Quincy. Monday night, around 11:17 PM officers noticed a pickup towing a flatbed trailer with a very large propane tank strapped to it. The location was on  Rd 3 NW near Rd O NW, about four miles northeast of George.

The trailer had no working taillights, and Deputies deemed the situation suspicious. After stopping the driver, identified as Leonard Knigge, 59, of George, he was questioned about the load. He claimed he was hauling it for a friend, but couldn't provide any information or documentation.

Then, a Deputy inspecting the tank noticed a freshly cut hose and then saw some truck tire tracks leading to a nearby farm area. The tracks ended up at a potato storage facility. The owner was contacted and came to the scene, and Deputies learned not only had Krigge stolen the tank but also the trailer.

He's now in the Grant County Jail on multiple charges, and his truck was seized as evidence related to the crime.


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