Whether it's Sunnyside, Spokane or Portland, recycling experts from all around have had it up to here (picture a hand at my neck) with people who are inconsiderate recyclers! Each item in the blue bin must be hand-sorted. Here's why they're mad:


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    Sunnyside says: "PUT IT IN THE BIN!"

    Sunnyside contracts with a waste company in Yakima to process large recycling bins. When the bins get full, people just pile trash around the bin! That means the truck can't get to the bin to empty it, and recycling is a profit loser, so the company only does it as a bonus to the city as part of its waste contract. That means there's no way those truck drivers are going to get out and move the trash. So guess what happens when the bins don't get emptied? Right, more piles.

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    Spokane Recycling Employees Sick of Handling Your Garbage!

    People at one of the Spokane recycling centers spoke up in an online chat forum recently saying they're tired of handling your garbage! Every single item in those blue bins must be handled by a real person. That means your hypodermic needles, your diapers, your barf bags, dog doodoo, bleach and more gets all over their gloves (or worse).

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    Portlanders Are the Worst at Throwing Diapers in Blue Bins

    Portland and surrounding governments conducted a study of people's recycling habits and found that more people throw diapers away in recycling bins than any other community in the Pacific Northwest! How about an episode about THAT "Portlandia"?!

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