You may have heard of the "What's Upstream" campaign that was launched by money from the Environmental Protection Agency Region 10 (The Pacific Northwest) that many say was a cleverly disguised attack on farmers, ranchers and other ag producers by environmental groups. Now, there's evidence taxpayer money was used to fund the effort, in violation of federal laws.

Rep. Dan Newhouse has demanded, in a letter to EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt, that the EPA be investigated over this controversial campaign. The "What's Upstream" campaign urged citizens to 'look into' whether their water supplies (rivers, streams, wells etc) were downstream from dairy farms, cattle ranches and other ag producers.

The implication was, if you live downstream from an agricultural operation, you're water might be polluted or substandard. Newhouse, along with other critics, says the campaign maligned the agricultural industry. It was also used as an excuse by the EPA and environmental groups to see even more control over agriculture operations, who are already being strangled by policies and requirements.

Newhouse wants action taken, because now the EPA has basically it admitted providing grant funding for environmental groups to go forward with the program. This is a clear violation of federal law.

You can read the Rep. Newhouse letter by clicking here.

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