Initiative 1639 is already facing a State Supreme Court challenge, due to a variety of inconsistencies, and the possibility it violated the state's election Initiative laws (because it included MORE than one subject or focus goal). But that hasn't stopped a growing group of Kennewick residents who are pressuring the City Council to declare it a 'sanctuary' city, safe from I-1639.

These residents have been coming to the last several City Council meetings, and are using the illegal immigrant sanctuary blueprint for those who oppose I-1639.

The leader of the movement is a former sexual assault victim, Radona Deveraux. She told the council she's glad law enforcement is standing up against it, but says more needs to be done. Deveraux says a firearm would have likely protected her when she was sexually assaulted some 18 years ago. She says, among other things, a firearm is a woman's right to defense and sefety.

KEPR-TV reports a council member says the city is waiting to see what happens with the Supreme Court challenge to 1639.  Supporters of the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary idea say they plan to continue to pressure the council.

These citizens say their ultimate goal is to have the city pass an official ordinance declaring Kennewick a '2nd Amendment Sanctuary City.'

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