Maybe they're smarter than we thought!Brookline, Masssachusetts residents reported to authorities about attacks from wild turkeys leading up to Thanksgiving.  Now, we're not suggesting they know we're going to eat them, but Brookline residents have called in numerous reports of the aggressive wild birds chasing them, pecking their cars, and even flying directly at residents.

The birds, according to officials, tend to congregate more in the spring and late fall, and while Massachusetts has two wild turkey hunting seasons,  in metropolitan areas where guns are prohibited, there's not much officials can do.

Wildlife officials say residents can keep the birds away by doing such things as keeping trash tightly contained in cans,  not leaving anything potentially edible outside their homes, or anything else the turkeys would potentially eat.  Otherwise, residents cannot legally do anything to 'defend' themselves from the aggressive birds.   One resident reportedly said, 'can't believe we're having to live like this!'   Reminds us of the geese down in Columbia Park!

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