With help from West Richland Officers, Richland Police captured a wanted suspect, but not before he led officers on a wild, meandering chase.

   Suspect crashes vehicle early Thursday morning.

Around 1:18 AM,  Richland Police spotted a wanted suspect driving on Duportail and Kennedy Road, but they were able to elude officers. 4 minutes later they were spotted traveling at a very high rate of speed on Bombing Range Road, northbound.

A West Richland Officer spotted the suspect and gave chase. However, as the suspect approached the intersection of Bombing Range and Paradise Way, they did a U-turn and proceeded to speed towards the Police vehicle in the wrong lane. The Officer had to swerve to avoid a head-on collision.

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Because the suspect tried to hit the Police cruiser this instantly became an assault case, and the pursuit tracked the suspect to an area near the Quail Ridge Apartments. Officers lost sight of the driver, but a short time later their wrecked vehicle was found on Dallas Road, they'd apparently lost control and hit a pile of rocks.

Two persons were seen running away from the area. The suspect driver was arrested without incident, but the passenger ran towards I-182 and was able to get away.

The search for the 2nd suspect continues.

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