Richland Police say they spent much of the weekend chasing down reckless drivers.

    Driver towed near Uptown Richland

A number of drivers were cited, and some even had their vehicles towed over the weekend in Richland, due to what Police say were unsafe driving.

In particular, late Saturday night, one young man was stopped for reckless driving near the Uptown area of Richland. During the stop, officers found he was driving on a 2nd Degree Suspended License, which is more serious than the first offense.

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He got his car towed, and he spent the rest of the weekend in jail. RPD also supplied a short video of another reckless driver getting their car pulled up onto a rollback.

Another Richland tow (RPD)
Another Richland tow (RPD)

And, RPD and other law enforcement agencies remind drivers, besides not driving recklessly, not smart to mix alcohol and/or drugs with driving.

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