Perhaps it's a visual aid, or maybe they're just tired of bad drivers in and around Moses Lake.

This week, the Grant County Sheriff's office posted this picture on their Facebook page.

They seemed to be channeling some of the humor put out by the Pasco PD

It concerns an area called Fairway Drive. It seems they've been inundated with calls about speeders, who ignore the slower speed limits.

The traffic safety unit says some recent construction on Westshore has increased a lot of traffic through nearby residential neighborhoods. That's why they put up this sign.

It shows a Sheriff's Patrol car, parked next to the Fairway Drive area speed limit sign, plus some graphics added to show people "here's your sign!"  How about you slow down?

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Perhaps it's an indictment of how motorists just don't look around when tooling along. How many times have you had somebody cut you off, or not yield or other dumb moves and they're just staring straight ahead like a zombie?

At any rate, it's hoped this will slow people down in this neighborhood.


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