Sometimes the insanity defense is abused, people believe accused individuals use it as a crutch to escape more severe punishment.

But in this case, it truly appears, based upon evidence provided during court proceedings, that a 46-year-old Umatilla man truly suffers from mental illness.

Mathew McQuin, who was known to have a history of mental issues, was captured on surveillance video shooting a 33-year-old woman on July 30, 2018.

The woman was getting some bagels at the store around 7:45pm when McQuin shot her. Fortunately, although he had aimed at Jenna Kline's head (the victim) she survived the impact of the .22 caliber pistol bullet. It did not make a direct skull penetrating impact. Prior to the shooting he was seen wandering around the store, even briefly leaving before returning and pulling out the weapon.

He had told police he thought people were trying to "get him" and that the victim was a part of that plot. Initially, attempted murder charges were filed against McQuin, and he had at one point been ruled competent to stand trial.

However, after a series of mental evaluations were completed Thursday (January 16) the judge declared him legally insane.  McQuin will be detained in a mental health facility until he is no longer considered a threat to the public.

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