They'll think twice before using aerial photography next time. 

A new video is making the rounds on Youtube, showing a couple rehearsing their wedding only to have the photographer's drone actually hit the groom in the face!

Numerous news reports have not listed who the couple are, or where the wedding was to occur. Apparently on Aug. 4 the photographer was attempting to get some striking footage of the couple as they prepared to take their vows. They had been looking for a way to capture some unique pictures and video of their upcoming event, and a friend of theirs offered to use a Go-Pro camera attached to a remote-controlled helicopter or drone.

The photographer, listed as WeddingMan123 on Youtube, says he miscalculated the lift needed to zoom the drone up in front of the couple, and he hit the groom in the head, as seen in this striking video.

Fortunately, this was only a rehearsal several days prior to the actual event, and the wedding apparently went off as planned. The news reports didn't say if the drone was used in the real ceremony.

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